> Rear Fuselage

Construction of the Rear Fuselage.

The VANS Tail Kit includes the rear fuselage cone all the way up to where the cockpit/canopy area begins.

Rear Fuselage internal structure. (21 August 2017)

Not shown in any of the photos is the tailskid, which had to be fabricated from raw aluminium extrusion, and is riveted to the front of the rearmost bulkhead. We had to procure a 5/16" drill bit and a 3/8 x 16 UNC tap (Volkel 3/8-inch UNC HSS Tap (Set of 3) from Amazon) to complete the tailskid fabrication. Also, ensure that when you match drill F-1211C-L & R Hinge Brackets, VA-146 Flange Bearing, and F-1211 Bulkhead Assembly, make sure that you do not overlook the clecoes that align the Hinge Brackets with the side flange of the Bulkhead Assembly.

You can see from the photograph showing the frame with the nylon wear piece riveted on, that we also masked out the outside of the fuselage skins and used a rattlecan to prime the skin where it would be overlapped by the adjoining skin. I would recommend removing all the blue protective coat before riveting the skins to make sure that none of it gets inadvertently trapped between the skins because you haven't gone quite far enough when removing strips with your soldering iron. We also drilled out the rivets used for attaching the nylon wear plate and replaced them with suitable sized screws, washers and nuts, so that when it comes time to turn it over or replace it, the task will be a lot easier.

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